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Collecta Quarter Mare - Deluxe 1:12

Collecta Quarter Mare - Deluxe 1:12

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Get ready to meet our delightful CollectA Quarter Mare figurine, a stunning addition to your model horse collection! This beauty comes in deluxe 1:12 scale. With a palomino coat that's exquisitely nuanced, she's a true showstopper. This model horse boasts impressive attention to detail, from her muscular and well-defined neck to her realistic and delicate expression. Her beautiful head and gentle eyes capture the essence of this beloved breed, making her a must-have for any collector.

Learn More About the Quarter Horse Breed

The Quarter Horse is a remarkable and versatile breed known for its agility, strength, and friendly personality. Originating in the United States. They' have a muscular physique. With a history deeply rooted in ranching and rodeo, the Quarter Horse's strong and round hindquarter is a testament to their power and agility. It's friendly and approachable nature have made Quarter Horses popular companions for riders of all levels.



For Breyer Classics and Collecta Deluxe model horses - Scale 1:12

Model Horses Scales explained

Model Horses come in various sizes, or "scales". The most common scales include Traditional (1:9), Classic (1:12) and Bijoux (1/18 or 1/20). Identifying the scale of your model horses is important when selecting appropriate 3D accessories and kits. This page will help you determine which scale your models fall into :Learn more about scales.

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