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CollectA Half Arabian Stallion Dapple Grey - Deluxe 1:12 Scale

CollectA Half Arabian Stallion Dapple Grey - Deluxe 1:12 Scale

Scale Deluxe 1:12

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Introducing our CollectA Half Arabian Stallion figurine available in Deluxe 1:12 Scale! Lifelike and incredibly detailed, this Dapple Grey beauty appears as if it's flying with its stunning trotting movement.

Extra ❤️ : The flowing mane and tail add to the sense of motion, making it a must-have for any model horse collection.

Learn more about the Arabian horse  : 

The Arabian is a famous horse breed originating from the Arabian Peninsula. With its elegant and graceful physique, the Arabian stands out with its expressive and delicate head, lively eyes, and dilated nostrils. They have a curved neck, short back, and well-sloped croup.

Arabian horses are characterized by their intelligence, their extreme sensitivity, and bond with their owner. They are known for their willingness to cooperate and ease of learning. Arabians are versatile and are used in various equestrian disciplines, such as endurance riding, leisure riding, dressage, and show. Their ability to maintain a sustained pace over long distances makes them exceptional partners in endurance races.


For Breyer Classics and Collecta Deluxe model horses - Scale 1:12

Model Horses Scales explained

Model Horses come in various sizes, or "scales". The most common scales include Traditional (1:9), Classic (1:12) and Bijoux (1/18 or 1/20). Identifying the scale of your model horses is important when selecting appropriate 3D accessories and kits. This page will help you determine which scale your models fall into :Learn more about scales.

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