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Collecta Mustang Stallion Bay Pintaloosa - Deluxe 1:12 Scale

Collecta Mustang Stallion Bay Pintaloosa - Deluxe 1:12 Scale

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Check out our Mustang Stallion Bay Pintaloosa - Deluxe 1:12 Scale figurine! It's in a realistic walking pose and has a lifelike chestnut coat with white patches and striking black spots on its back and rear. And don't miss that proud white blaze on its forehead! This majestic horse will totally captivate any horse lover out there.

Learn more about the Mustang breed:

The Mustang breed has a fascinating origin, tracing back to the wild horses of North America. Known for their endurance and resilience, Mustangs have evolved over centuries in diverse landscapes, making them agile and sure-footed. Their physical characteristics, including a sturdy body and strong legs, make them well-suited for various equestrian disciplines, such as trail riding, endurance, and ranch work.

In terms of temperament, Mustangs are known for their intelligence and adaptability. They have a curious and independent nature, which, combined with their strong herd instincts, makes them highly trainable and responsive to riders. 


For Breyer Classics and Collecta Deluxe model horses - Scale 1:12

Model Horses Scales explained

Model Horses come in various sizes, or "scales". The most common scales include Traditional (1:9), Classic (1:12) and Bijoux (1/18 or 1/20). Identifying the scale of your model horses is important when selecting appropriate 3D accessories and kits. This page will help you determine which scale your models fall into :Learn more about scales.

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