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Collecta Andalusian Stallion

Collecta Andalusian Stallion


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You will absolutely adore the lovely palomino color of this Andalusian horse. What truly sets this model horse apart is its remarkable movement. The portrayal of the horse's canter is expertly crafted, with the legs positioned in a graceful and flowing motion that perfectly embodies the spirit of the Andalusian breed. 

Extra ❤️ : The mane and tail of the figurine are crafted to convey the dynamic movement of the horse as if the horse is caught mid-stride.

Learn more about the Andalusian horse  : 

The Andalusian is a horse breed originating from the region of Andalusia in Spain. Recognizable by its majestic presence and high head carriage, the Andalusian possesses a harmonious silhouette with a well-arched neck, deep chest, and rounded croup. Their coat is often black, gray, or bay.

The Andalusian stands out for its noble temperament, grace, and docility. They are known for their intelligence, willingness to learn, and great sensitivity. Thanks to their cooperative nature, they are easily trainable and are often appreciated in disciplines such as dressage, haute ecole, and equestrian spectacle.


For Schleich & Collecta model horses - Scale 1:20

Model Horses Scales explained

Model Horses come in various sizes, or "scales". The most common scales include Traditional (1:9), Classic (1:12) and Bijoux (1/18 or 1/20). Identifying the scale of your model horses is important when selecting appropriate 3D accessories and kits. This page will help you determine which scale your models fall into :Learn more about scales.

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