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Collecta Fjord Stallion

Collecta Fjord Stallion

Scale 1:20

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This CollectA figurine perfectly captures the cuteness, boldness, and pride of the Fjord horse.Its distinctive brown dun coat adds a touch of uniqueness to your collection. 

Extra ❤️ : The attention to detail, from the expressive eyes to the proud stance, is remarkable. It's the kind of figurine that will make you smile every time you see it!

Learn More about the Fjord Horse Breed:

The Fjord horse is a beloved breed hailing from Norway. With their characteristic brown dun coat and distinctive dark stripe running along their back, Fjords are instantly recognizable.  Fjord horses are known for their friendly and gentle temperament, making them wonderful companions. They possess a sturdy build, with a muscular body and a flowing mane and tail. Fjords are versatile and excel in various disciplines, from riding and driving to therapeutic work. They are suitable for riders of different levels, from beginners to experienced equestrians.

With their unique appearance and easy-going nature, Fjord horses have captured the hearts of horse enthusiasts around the world. Add a touch of charm and Norwegian heritage to your collection with this Fjord Stallion figurine!


For Schleich & Collecta model horses - Scale 1:20

Model Horses Scales explained

Model Horses come in various sizes, or "scales". The most common scales include Traditional (1:9), Classic (1:12) and Bijoux (1/18 or 1/20). Identifying the scale of your model horses is important when selecting appropriate 3D accessories and kits. This page will help you determine which scale your models fall into :Learn more about scales.

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